How to Get in a Good Mood

How to Get in a Good Mood in Less than 10min

By Kalina Cardoso, ACC

You want to get started on a project or you’re ready to relax —but something’s bugging you. It’s hard to do great things when you feel off. I believe that we bring our own energy to the things we create. That’s why today I’m sharing my best practices to shake off  feeling annoyed, angry, sad, frustrated, tired or the like. This post will teach you a quick strategy to help you move into a “flow” state and good mood in less than 10 minutes.

Let go

If you felt your jaw clenching just by reading that title, relax. I’m not going to give you any old boring advice as my daughter likes to say.

This is what I mean by letting go: first, identify what stopped you from feeling good. Sometimes it’s very obvious and you can identify the reason immediately, but sometimes is more subtle. Maybe you have to backtrack to what you’ve done today to remember what pissed you off originally. For example, I woke up to a passive-aggressive email from someone I hired to complete a project for me. I had asked for them to finish it as promised in their offer and now they had “attitude.”

As I was getting ready for the day, I realized that I was annoyed. I had a lot of projects to work on and the last thing I wanted was lingering bad mood. I backtracked my feelings, remembered that email and realized that was what was causing me to feel less excited about my day.

After identifying the reason, the second step is to decide you’re not going to give this thing any power over you and that you’re stopping any energy going its way.

This doesn’t mean that the problem is resolved, or that you’ve forgiven or “fixed” the issue. All it means is that you are…just letting it go.

Imagine walking on a treadmill. When you are done walking, you press the STOP button, it stops and you get off.

Do the same with whatever is causing you to not feel good.

(I haven’t responded to that passive-aggressive email yet but I’m just no longer let it bother me.)

 Set the mood

The best way to improve your mood is to stimulate your senses. Let’s explore what rituals are right for you.

These are my rituals to set the mood:

  1. Diffuse my favorite essential oils. You can find a basic diffuser at your favorite health store or online. It’s my first go-to to set any mood. I use Orange and Peppermint while I work, I spice it up with some Ylang Ylang, Orange, Lemon, Jasmine and Patchouli oil when I have company, Lavender and Peppermint oil combinations when I want to relax and I play with different combinations depending on my mood. The smell in my house is instant and just makes me feel relaxed and happy instantly. I know that it sounds like too-good-to-be-true but essential oils have been around for a while and millions of people around the world are enjoying them. If you haven’t yet, give them a try. You’ll see more benefits if you use them consistently as your body will start getting conditioned to the feeling you’re trying to promote with specific scents.
  2. Play relaxing music. I put on a “Deva Premal” station on Pandora to put me in a more zen, harmonious and wise state of mind. Deva Premal is a New Age style singer and the songs that play on that station are spiritual and very calming. When I listen to the different songs, I’m reminded of the wisdom of the sages before us and instantly start feeling more connected to a deeper version of myself and the universe. The reason why I choose this type of music and not something more pop or upbeat is that when I’m off-balance, I can get back to a natural state by just being reminded of the deeper meaning of life. In a way, I’m reminded of the vastness of our existence and our inner essence. When we are in a flow with the whole, it becomes evident that those problems are fleeting and part of our external world. And peace is always available in our internal world which brings me to my next ritual.
  3. Guided meditation. They are particularly effective when you have to have something on your mind and you just can’t stop thinking about it. By sitting down, breathing and allowing someone else’s voice to guide you to a different place, you’ll give your brain a break from the “on-repeat” thought cycle you had. You’re more likely to find peace. I set the stage with burning some sage or Palo Santo, (hell, sometimes I burn both) lightening up a candle and setting a couple of crystals around me.

Wash it off

Taking a quick shower no matter if you need it or what time of the day it is could be the perfect restart button. Anytime I feel like I need to start the day over, I hop in the shower. There is magic into running water on your body. It tends to wash some of the worries away 🙂

Walk it off

Similarly, like the shower, taking a walk could be the perfect way to get yourself in a better mood. Being in nature, looking at trees, flowers, houses and dogs on a walk could be the perfect way to shake off any negativity. When I take a quick 10-min walk around my neighborhood, I try to focus on being in the moment, noticing the air, the temperature, the sky, the trees and just to be in one with my environment, even if it’s San Diego’s downtown skyscrapers.

I hope you added a couple of new tools to your “be your best” toolkit. If you’d like more tips to boost your productivity, you can download a free copy of my top tools for optimal productivity HERE.

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