About Me


I am a professional, highly trained and experienced
coach who has a reputation of integrity and excellence.

Kalina Cardoso in nature

Here are some nuggets about me:

  • I am a San Diego transplant from Bulgaria who loves the ocean, almond milk lattes, and lululemon leggings, but who doesn’t?
  • Mom of a 6-year-old-going-on-16 wild princess
  • Living a plant-based life
  • Despite my nerdy, bookworm side, I also have a more loud, fun, and goofy one. I enjoy an occasional glass of champagne, deep belly laughs, dancing like a rapper, farmers’ markets, trendy coffee shops, crystal shopping, and yoga and sound healing classes.
  • I’ve been also heard using some adult language. I love calling my clients Beast or Badass if they get something awesome done!
  • Pizza and croissants are my weaknesses. OK, and handsome, fit men.
  • On the fitness side of things, I enjoy some heavy lifts accompanied by some gangster hip-hop.
  • I am an expert skier. My first job was a skiing instructor and I mostly worked with children.

Also, here is some more from SD Voyager magazine, which featured my business in the beginning of 2019: http://sdvoyager.com/interview/meet-kalina-cardoso-kalina-cardoso-downtown/



Coach U Certified Life Coach since 2017


Landmark Curriculum for Living graduate since 2017


B.S. Kinesiology with Fitness Specialist Emphasis, 2011


NSCA Personal Trainer since 2011


Prn1 Nutrition Coach since 2016

What I would LOVE for you:

More confidence and more clarity on your direction in life
Overcoming self-limiting beliefs
To take your life to the next level of success
More joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction from your work
To trade in your Good life for a GREAT life
Financial freedom and making a positive impact with your gifts, talents, and resources