Let’s Achieve Your Goals with Confidence & Ease

I support high-performing men and women in creating a life that supports their mind, body, and spirit goals. Together, we can get your business off the ground, navigate a career transition, achieve a better work-life balance, or work through any other unique challenges you’re facing.


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I am looking forward to hearing about your goals and seeing if my coaching services could be the right fit for you!



It's time to live your best-case scenario in life and business.

My business coaching provides the support, accountability, and strategy for you to live powerfully.

When we work together, I will support you in creating a bold and inspiring vision which will move you forward to becoming the best version of yourself.

With years of coaching experience and gold-standard coaching credentials, I offer a professional service you can trust.



1. Schedule a consultation.

Always free and no pressure. We’ll meet for 45 minutes over the phone and see if we both feel like my services would be a good fit for you.

2. Pick a coaching program

I offer simple plans to help you get started with ease and the flexibility to change plans as needed.

3. See your life transform week by week

Together, we will take an honest look at all areas of your life, identify goals that are fully aligned with who you are and who you want to be, and then we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work to get you to your “best-case scenario” life ASAP.


What’s Business Coaching?

My coaching is a collaborative relationship designed to deliver extraordinary long-term and sustainable results in your life. It’s not a Band-Aid solution to hype you up for a day or a week (although, I’m definitely my clients’ biggest fan). There are no-long term commitments required to start working with me, however, clients who see the best results commit to our work together for several months.



Working with Kalina has been a meaningful, incredibly valuable and transformative experience for me! She asks the “tough” questions and lets her clients reach breakthrough conclusions on their own. She’s 100% supportive, nonjudgemental, intuitive and genuinely kind. Thank you Kalina!!!!

-Elena B.


Frustrated with your career…

You are ready for growth, whether in your current role and organization or by starting a brand-new chapter with a new career. The challenges can be overwhelming and paralyzing. With my 12-week career change program, we can get you on a fulfilling path that finally feels like an enjoyable vocation.

Overwhelmed by launching or growing your business…

Entrepreneurship, in my humble opinion, can feel like a spiritual journey. It requires us to be bold, creative, and resourceful. Together, we can clarify your brand and business mission, plan your strategy for growth, and problem-solve weekly, all while maintaining a high quality of life.

Unsure of how to navigate your life after a big change or transition…

A new professional role, new city, parenthood, or life after a long-term relationship (like marriage) all come with the question, “What now?” Coaching provides the perfect setting (I know from personal experience) to help you navigate your new circumstances. Together, we can create a new vision for your life, and build the confidence you need to own your new journey and experience joy, freedom, success, and fulfillment.

The Results

Just imagine having…

Peace of mind and the knowledge that you are on the right path

Confidence in yourself and the choices you are making

A plan of action each week that keeps you moving closer to your goals

Accountability to help you stay consistent

New awareness, perspectives, solutions, or aha moments that change what you thought was possible

Inspiration from sharing your thoughts, ideas, and dreams out loud in a safe and collaborative environment

Insight, a nugget of wisdom, or a piece of advice from someone who is 100% invested in your success but not attached to any outcomes

The feeling of being seen, heard, and honored where you are in your journey right now

The empowerment and motivation to do whatever it takes to create your best-case scenario

Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.

Maya Angelou



Kalina is the BEST. Working with Kalina has enhanced my life both personally and professionally. As a working mom, I had a hard time balancing it all and feeling like it was ok to take time for myself. Through our conversations, I’ve learned to set better boundaries and communicate in a clear and focused way. Kalina has helped to identify limiting habits, and suggested ways to consciously change– allowing me to be more successful in my both my work and family life. I always feel inspired and motivated after our meetings. She is authentically kind and empowering, while still holding you accountable. I’ve been working with Kalina a little more than a year and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

-Oriana S.