I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Kalina as a life coach for entrepreneurs. She has been an impactful force towards my journey as an entrepreneur as well as a phenomenal friend. Kalina is genuinely a kind and professional life coach with a gift of helping her clients unlock their hidden potential. Since working with her, I have noticed a dramatic difference in my personal life and her business insights are superb. If you are seeking an expert life coach that is a joy to talk to, Coach Kalina is your answer.

Victor Nzeata
Founder and CEO of Cyber Brain Academy

When I got laid off from my full-time job during the pandemic, I decided to take the opportunity to start my own business. I could not have learned how to do any of it without Kalina in my corner. Every conversation we have is full of great advice, insightful questions, and tons of laughs (she’s hilarious ), and I always walk away feeling empowered and confident in what I’m doing next. Since I’ve been working with her as a coach, she’s helped me land new clients, determine the direction of my business, build my branding, overcome insecurities, and set boundaries. My life is better with her in it, and I’m truly grateful for her coaching.

Emily Blackwood

Working with Kalina has brought me so much clarity not only on where I’m going on my journey but who I need to become to get there! She has made it so easy for me to see what I need to do!  Our call sessions are amazing and I’ve had so many breakthroughs!! I couldn’t imagine where I would be without her support.  It is with much gratitude that I call her my Coach ?!!

Willie Johnson
Coach and Mentor

I worked with Kalina for over a year, and she was the best coach I could have asked for! I feel so lucky to have met her. Kalina was always patient with me, listening to my questions and providing thoughtful answers, using her own wisdom and that of others. That’s one of the best things about her: She reads up on wellness and self-improvement topics constantly, so she is always able to share new perspectives and ask the right questions.

On top of her outstanding work ethic and unrelenting commitment to improving herself and the lives of others, she is so positive, warm, and funny that you can’t wait to talk to her again! We have remained friends, and I’m so glad. 🙂

-Kelly L.

I have never done life coaching before, and I had no idea what to expect. The short version: an incredibly useful investment that I will continue to participate in for years to come.
Kalina as a coach is incredibly compassionate, non-judgmental, and very, very funny. She is engaging to converse with and offers clear advice on how you can tackle any challenge.
What is most unique about working with Kalina is her uncanny ability to ask the questions that I myself never considered. There are many times that I tell her a long story about how I am doing, only for her to be able to cut through and get to the root of what I need with no effort. It transforms my experience into an adventure of self.
Another note is that Kalina is very flexible and molds her style into what fits you best. Sometimes, I need accountability, while other times, I need comfort and validation. She never makes me feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or ashamed–and I tell her a multitude of personal flaws and mistakes that I make. This is such a rare feeling of comfort that makes her consulting easygoing and positive.
If you want something in your life done, go to Kalina. She offers guidance to help you understand yourself, your goals, and your feelings no matter what the topic is. She will help you remain focused, inspired, and motivated to promote success in your life. Sometimes, all you need is a really great coach.

-Alexa R.

While I initially signed up for health and wellness coaching with Kali, I quickly realized greater results than expected. She has helped me rebuild and strengthen my life in so many ways. Our discussions have not been easy…but she challenged me to dig deep, sometimes painfully, to deal with very deep rooted issues. She has helped me become mentally, emotionally and spiritually stronger. I am forever grateful to my coach and friend

-Dina M.

Kalina is the BEST. Working with Kalina has enhanced my life both personally and professionally. As a working mom, I had a hard time balancing it all and feeling like it was ok to take time for myself. Through our conversations, I’ve learned to set better boundaries and communicate in a clear and focused way. Kalina has helped to identify limiting habits, and suggested ways to consciously change– allowing me to be more successful in my both my work and family life. I always feel inspired and motivated after our meetings. She is authentically kind and empowering, while still holding you accountable. I’ve been working with Kalina a little more than a year and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

-Oriana S.

Clarity, what’s that worth?

Kalina asked some of the most powerful, yet simplest questions that I never took time to ask myself. Embarking on a new business is stressful, but I never realized just how much of the “problems” I was actually creating for myself. Through the process of working with Kalina, I’ve grown and become aware of just how many “stories” I’ve been telling myself that have been inhibiting me from moving forward. Having someone who challenges you, motivates you and doesn’t judge you is an invaluable tool. We all need Kalina in our lives!

If your looking to get to the 2.0 version of yourself I’m certain Kalina can empower you to get there. I’m very grateful for experience, and I know you will be too.

-Daniel F.

I started working with Kalina about a year & a half ago. At the time I was feeling stuck with my business, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep going with it or even how to grow it. I felt helpless & stuck. One of my friends suggested I try a life coach to help me figure out a direction & thats how I found Kalina. Working with Kalina has been sooo helpful, not only in my business but also in my personal life. I love our weekly session so much & look forward to them all the time!

We started meeting every week & she really helped me focus in on what was important in my life & what my goals were for my business. I love meeting with her every week because she keeps me accountable & helps me move the needle in the right direction. I always leave our meetings super motivated, clear on my goals & excited for the future. It’s like having a business therapist. LOL

My business has grown since I’ve met her & I’m now so much more confident in what Im doing & its purpose.

If you’re looking for someone to provide you with guidance in your life, business or personal relationship, I would highly recommend her.

-Mariya T.

Working with Kalina has been a meaningful, incredibly valuable and transformative experience for me! She asks the “tough” questions and lets her clients reach breakthrough conclusions on their own. She’s 100% supportive, nonjudgemental, intuitive and genuinely kind. Thank you Kalina!!!!

-Elena B.

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