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Fresh Mindset to Help You Overcome Imposter Syndrome From a San Diego Business Coach

As a Business Coach based in San Diego, I work with fantastic entrepreneurs and business professionals. Many of them had to overcome their personal mindset challenges to be on their A-game. Today, I’d like to share one fresh mindset to help you overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

One thing that makes me sad as a business coach is coaching phenomenal human beings and professionals who are being held back by imposter syndrome. I see successful adults from all walks of lives getting in their own way—and it’s such a shame.

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Often we feel like we haven’t earned our seat at the table. We believe that we should have to struggle more or work harder to qualify to go after what we want. We find ourselves asking…

“Who am I to call myself [INSERT DESIRED TITLE HERE]?”

My business coaching clients often fear that someone will judge them for not being the right kind of expert in their respective field, or that there are ALL these other people with the same title who are doing things much better. So they shrink themselves, get more education, settle for less pay or set their prices at the bottom of the market.

But when we embark on a new journey, it takes time for a new part of our identity to integrate and settle in. 

I remember my first networking events in San Diego as a business coach. I was certified and had passion and experience supporting people one-on-one—but being dressed up in business casual attire and introducing myself to attorneys, insurance agents, realtors and people in high tech was overwhelming. I felt like I didn’t belong there. I was worried that others were more professional, more established and more intelligent.


Most of the people who I encountered back then didn’t really understand what a business coach did, nor did I do a great job explaining it. It took time, experience and coaching for me to fully own who I am and what I am great at


By the way, some of these folks I met back then are still my friends. So I was wrong.


Today I’d like to share with you some of the things that have helped me and my clients to shift our mindsets so we could overcome the imposter syndrome. Because when you do that, you can start putting your work out there. Because out there is where your ideal customers are—not in our heads.


San Diego Business Coach’s #1 Mindset For Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “There is someone out there already doing what you’re dreaming about with less experience.”


I agree with this statement, and I think it’s powerful.(But not enough….keep reading) While you’re sitting here, overthinking how you’re going to break it to the world that you’re launching a coaching business, writing a book or starting a non-profit, there’s someone out there with half of your experience already doing it. And doing it without worrying about getting negative reviews or passive aggressive comments from their relatives on Facebook.


I’d imagine taking this one on is somewhat helpful. Maybe it will help you take a few more steps towards putting yourself out there. But let’s take it even a step further. 


What if you knew that there are people who are already doing what you dream about and don’t care about it as much as you do? 


Imagine that there are people serving your ideal customer right now or holding your dream job not only with less knowledge but with less heart, passion, integrity and professionalism.


It’s sad but it’s the truth. There are people serving coffee without worrying about curating the best customer experience in the neighborhood. There are people who call themselves coaches and try to sell you on a crazy expensive program without ever coaching a single client. There are writers who paid someone else to write their best-selling book. There are creators who do the minimum effort hoping you won’t know better. There are makers who choose the cheapest way to produce their product so they can make the biggest profit while sacrificing the quality they promised customers. 


If you’re held back by imposter syndrome, I’m willing to bet that means you care a lot about the work you want to do. I’d make a bet that you want to deliver excellent work to the people who need it the most. And because of that, you’re already miles ahead of the competition. 


Your audience deserves someone like you to create something of quality for them. So go out there and put your service, product or experience out in the world and make sure to let people know how much you want to exceed their expectations.


Moreover, positioning yourself as different to the rest who don’t care about quality as much as you do, could be the way you market yourself—and it’s probably what will end up making you successful. 


And if you need to hear it from a business coach: Your commitment to delivering something great could be your superpower.

And if you feel like you’re one step closer to your goal and you’re ready to take yourself to the next level, schedule yourself a free consultation and chat with me. I’m committed to being a business coach based in San Diego (but working with people around the world) well-known for her professionalism, excellence and integrity

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